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K K Kayla
6 September
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My name is Kayla. ♥

I make all my shit (icons, layouts, graphics, etc.) BITCH.

98% of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 98 percent that has, put this in your profile.

Just b/c I lurve naptown. :D

gerard way is love... plain and simple.

David Garman is love
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Terror Alert Level

Upcoming Dates:
April 13th - KSU Press Day
April 13-17th - Dave's Orch. Trip
April 20th - Environmental Field Trip (420 bitches!)
May 3rd - YSU Press Day
May 7th - Prom
May 8th - Kennywood
May 9th - Senior Skip Day
May 18th - Dave's Birthday (17)
May 19th - Star Wars!!!
- Senior Italian Banquet
- Boardman High School Art Show
May 23rd - Senior Banquet
May 25th - Meg's Birthday (19) / Senior Honors Assembly
June 7th - Last Day for seniors
June 12th - Commencement
June 14th - Dave leaves for Germany
June 18th - My graduation Party
July 7-11 - DISNEY!!!
July 12th - return from Disney / Dave gets home from Germany!!
July 28th - Amanda's Birthday (19)
August 1st - Warped Tour - Pittsburg, Post Gazette
August 30th - Katie's Birthday (18)
Sept 6th - My Birthday (18)